LiSA will be presented tomorrow at SOAP!

Tomorrow we will present LiSA (https://github.com/UniVE-SSV/lisa), our novel library for static analysis, and in particular its application to simple analyses at SOAP! The paper “Static analysis for Dummies: Experiencing LiSA” by Pietro Ferrara, Luca Negrini, Vincenzo Arceri, and Agostino Cortesi has been published (https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3460946.3464316), and Vincenzo will present it tomorrow at 4.45pm GMT+2:00 in the 10th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on the State of the Art in Program Analysis (you

2 year Global@Venice fellowships

Are you working abroad? Are you looking for a postdoc on program analysis and its application to cybersecurity, robotics, and software engineering in particular? Please consider applying for a 2 year Global@Venice fellowship!Deadline: June, 30th. Requirements: PhD degree awarded not later than 8 years prior to this call deadline, at least one major publication without his/her PhD supervisor, and have not resided or carried out their main activity in Italy

Call for Expressions of interest at SSV@UniVE

The Software and System Verification group @ Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (https://ssv.dais.unive.it/) is a research team focused on static analysis and its applications. The group (https://ssv.dais.unive.it/people/) comprises a full professor (Agostino Cortesi), two tenure-track assistant professors (Pietro Ferrara and Stefano Calzavara), a researcher (Alvise Spano’), and several postdocs (Vincenzo Arceri, Mohammad Imran Alam) and PhD students (Gianluca Caiazza, Martina Olliaro, Luca Negrini, Zubair Ahmad). The group is currently active

New paper published in Springer’s “Innovation in Systems and Software Engineering”

We are glad to announce that our paper on “Skyline computation over multiple points and dimensions” has just been published in  the Springer-Nature journal “Innovation in Systems and Software Engineering”. You can download the paper here (https://link.springer.com/epdf/10.1007/s11334-020-00376-1?sharing_token=wAaaIvoIj97li[…]F7hBp-aIl5ocv3DN-kK59QyOdfyDepawMBdtFXdTEU0dHpkUDMzWLI20Q%3D).

“Static analysis for discovering IoT vulnerabilities” published in STTT

Just published in International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer: Pietro Ferrara, Amit Kr Mandal, Agostino Cortesi, Fausto Spoto: “Static analysis for discovering IoT vulnerabilities”.In this paper we discuss how IoT vulnerabilities can actually be exploited, and in which cases static analysis can help in preventing them. We present an extension of an industrial analyzer (Julia) that already covers five out of the top seven vulnerabilities of OWASP Top

Paper accepted at VMCAI

We are glad to announce that our paper on Tarsis, a novel domain for string analysis, has been accepted at VMCAI 2021! You can download a preprint version of the paper here.

FACTORS awarded at Start Cup Veneto!

FACTORS won the Start Cup Veneto competition in the ICT category! This means that (i) the project is taking off! (ii) we will compete in the “Premio Nazionale dell’Innovazione” at the end of November, and (iii) we will be in full operation starting in March 2021!

Back to physical group lunch!

Since the Fall semester is starting and we are coming back to having in-class lectures at University of Venice, starting from mid-September we are coming back to physical group lunch every Tuesday at 2:30pm. Feel free to join us in the ACADIA lab!

Paper accepted by ESWA

The paper “Semantic-driven Watermarking of Relational Textual Databases” by Maikel Lázaro Pérez Gort, Martina Olliaro, Agostino Cortesi and Claudia Feregrino Uribe has been accepted for publication by the Expert Systems with Applications Journal! More information here.

Paper accepted at ESORICS

We are extremely happy to announce that a paper on the application of static analysis to the certification of decision trees has been accepted at ESORICS 2020! This paper is the first result of a new collaboration between Pietro Ferrara, Stefano Calzavara and Claudio Lucchese (University of Venice). Stay tuned for further developments!